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Our goal is to raise $4,500 per season to supplement enrollment costs for low-income families and single-parent homes.

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We've raised:


Current as of August 29, 2022

How It Works

Of the 400 hikes we sell per season, we want to hand out 100 of those hikes for free. 

$4,500 can be shared many different ways:


100 hikes paid for in full in one season

($45 each)

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10 boys' free enrollment for a full season.

($450 each)


20 families pay 1/2 the price for sessions

($22.50 each)

Become A Community Partner
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Our Community Partner Guide

 Check out our Community Partner Guide for more info.

We've reached 39% of our goal

Current as of August 29, 2022

Become a Community Partner Now

Your logo on everything digital

As a thank you, we'll put your logo on our scholarship page, our homepage, and our 4 seasonal newsletters. You'll also get a handwritten thank-you from us and a 5-star review for your business on Google & Yelp.

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