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Joining Our Academy

Welcome! Thinking about jumping into some adventures with us? Check out our YEAR ONE programs below.
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Year One Programs


Summit Seekers


10 themed hikes with games, talks, & activities designed to bring out the boys' inner world & connect them to God and each other.



10 team challenges designed to test their new relational skills while conquering task & service projects.

SUMMIT SEEKERS | Each August/September, DG takes on 40 new participants in our hiking program, Summit Seekers. These outdoor adventures introduce the boys to our fundamental core values & give them a strong foundation about who God is, who they are, and what it means to connect with each other in powerful, Christ-centered ways. The boys bond over 10 themed sessions on the local Redding trails where they learn about and practice prophetic acts, hearing from God, setting boundaries, building their dreams, having a balanced lifestyle, conquering fear, forgiving and more. After completing this program, they head into our next program where they put all of what they learned to the test in team challenges around town.

TEAM EDITION | Our second program, TEAM EDITION, kicks off after the winter holidays in February/March and brings the boys off the trails and into the city. They get to experience first-hand what it means to be a 'light in the world' beyond the walls of the church, as well as put to practice their new relational tools for connecting with others. As a team do all kinds of service projects and team adventures, from building with Home Depot, to ministering to the homeless, writing letters to leaders, river trekking, hosting a meal for parents with $20 and touring a helicopter airport. Each session has a team-leader and the boys grow a lot in their confidence as they get real-world experience doing ministry and seeing how their faith in action is relevant in their everyday life.

Transportation is provided for Team Edition. Groups will meet on the same day/time for each consecutive program. We only accept 40 new participants per year. Space is limited, sign up today!

Summer Break

Our curriculum-based programs take a break during summer, and instead we offer drop-in events for all to join! We take the boys on adventures hiking, playing in the water at a lake or creek, and simply hanging out together. Everyone is encouraged to come! DG participants who have completed our first year of programs have the special opportunity to come on our yearly summer camping trip.

Year Two Programs



Our 12 sessions of Leader Lab Apprentice are designed to teach the boys practical skills for building a faith-filled life and business.

Coming Soon!


Our 12 sessions of Leader Lab Entrepreneur give the young men a chance to build and launch a business of their own.

Coming Soon!
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