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Field Days

Join us for 4 field days filled with adventure games from capture the flag, football, hide & seek, soccer, and more. Our field is by a swimming hole, so after a hot day of fun in the sun, we'll jump into the water to cool off. Each day is themed to bring the boys deeper in to their faith through our talks. 

Wednesday 9-1pm • $40 per session 

Field Day Themes & Activities


SESSION #1: ENDURING PATIENCE | In this session, talk about what it means to take our time with things to find the right moment to act. We play capture the flag, which teaches this concept well, and we talk about how even God waits for us with enduring patience as we grow.


SESSION #2: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR | In this session, the boys collaborate with each other to build a raft. They learn to show kindness and teamwork to get the job done, treating their teammates the way they would want to be treated.


SESSION #3: FOREVER FAITHFUL | In this session, we talk about how God is faithful to us, especially in times and seasons when we're feel afraid or unsure. The boys do 'trust' games that helps them flex their faithfulness muscles as they show up for their teammates. 


SESSION #4: JOY OF THE LORD | In this session, we have a really fun water fight with water guns and talk about the joy of the lord and how it energizes to win battles.

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Field Day Overview & Details:

Location: We have been given access to a 20-acre field plus a watering hole in Palo Cedro. The exact location will be sent to you in an email after registering.


Transportation: We will provide transportation in our school bus to keep all drop-offs/pick-ups local to Redding and to keep traffic out of the neighborhood.


Activities/Plan: Every field day is themed to teach the boys something new about their faith. We will play games, have water fights, and swim in the swimming hole by the big field. We'll have some good talks, have lunch together, and have plenty of time for free play. 


Other Details: David is a trained lifeguard with a CPR certification. Also, groups will maintain a 1:8 adult to child ratio. Limited space is available in each group to for water & general safety. All details including themes, what to bring, drop/off and pick/up details will be emailed to you. 

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