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Enrollment Fee Financial Aid

Sponsorship is awarded based on your financial need, the amount of sponsorship money we receive, and the number of applications submitted per season.

Sponsorship Application Form

Your Information
In order to be considered for sponsorship, we need to obtain information about your current financial situation.
Which of these best describes your situation:
How do you usually pay for extracurricular activities?
Are you currently receiving financial aid from your school or other extracurricular programs?
Select an option that best describes your financial need:
Personal References
Please list a personal reference who can give an account of your family's financial need and recommend you for our scholarship.

By submitting this form you agree to the following terms and conditions:


I understand that someone from DG Adventure Life Academy will call me and the two persons noted above as references for the purpose of specifically inquiring about my family's financial situation. I affirm that my answers here are true. I understand that I may receive partial or full funding for the season enrollment, or that I may not receive anything at all.


If I am awarded funding and choose to receive it, I agree to take my commitment to the group and to the season seriously. I agree to show up on time and miss only when/if absolutely necessary. I understand that if I do not show up regularly, cancel last minute, or regularly show up late, my son's place in the group may be revoked and the funding given to someone else. 

I understand that if I'm awarded partial (not full) scholarship funding, I will still need to pay the remaining balance on my account upon enrollment. I understand that this amount may be billed to me up-front or in two or three payment installments depending on the balance remaining.


I understand that DG Adventure Life Academy will contact me by email to let me know the amount of my financial award and what payment(s) may be due (if any), so I can choose to receive the gift and proceed with enrollment at that time.

Your form has been received! Please allow a week for processing.

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