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Lake Days

Join us for 4 days at Whiskeytown Lake where the boys get to swim, have water fights, play with inner tubes, paddle boards, and more. Each day is themed to bring the boys deeper into their faith. 

Thursdays 9-1pm • $40 per session 

Lake Day Themes & Activities


SESSION #1: KINDNESS KEEPS US GOING | In this session, the boys talk about how God empowers us with kindness, which keeps us going in life and in relationships, like air in an inner tube. We play with tubes and have fun in the lake.


SESSION #2: SPIRIT-LED GENTLENESS | In this session, the boys talk about the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit, and how when we let him guide us in our life, it's like wind in our sails. As a prophetic act, we make paper boats to float in the lake. 


SESSION #3: ALL IN FOR GOD | In this session, we will talk about what it means to live a life all-in for God. The boys will go all out and race paddle boards as a prophetic act of giving God everything they've got to run the race well. 


SESSION #4: GOD'S GOODNESS | In this session, the boys will share stories and testimonies of times they felt God's goodness in their life. We will enjoy a cookout BBQ as a celebration of God's goodness in our life and summer!

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Lake Day Overview & Details:

Transportation: We will provide transportation in our school bus to keep all drop-offs/pick-ups local to Redding.


Activities/Plan: Every lake day is themed to teach the boys something new about their faith. We will swim and play in the water with paddle boards, tubes, and more. We will do fun activities and have some good talks, leaving plenty of time for free play and snacking.

Supplies & Safety: For days where we have paddle board, we will provide life vests for each boy. Also, David is a trained lifeguard with a CPR certification. 


Other Details: Groups will maintain a 1:8 adult to child ratio. Limited space is available in each group for water safety. All details including themes, what to bring, drop/off and pick/up details will be emailed to you. 

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