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Session Descriptions

Real Estate Agent

Uche Ajero will talk about all the details that go into selling & buying a home. The boys will get to see a current listing, and spend time learning about building trust with customers. 

Media Production Company Owner

Phil Leclerc will teach the boys all about what goes into making a cool video, from camera angles to drone shots, editing, lighting, and more. The boys will have fun making a cool video with him.

International CEO Extraordinaire

Tim Masson will talk about how to make, nurture, and grow connections in business and with other business people. He will take the boys on a quick ride in his private jet parked at the Redding Airport.

Family Practice Doctor

Eric Saxman will talk about what it takes to be a doctor in the ER, and how faith and medicine can work together. The boys will have fun learning some basic stitching as in a real surgery.

Car Dealer / Mechanic Specialist

Matthias Schleier will show the boys around his car rental property & talk about what it takes to own a car. Then, Melvin Sasso will teach the boys all they ever wanted to know about taking care of a car on their own. They will practice changing tires and changing the oil in a car.

BitCoin Financier

Jesse Parsons will debunk for all of us what exactly BitCoin is and how it works. He will talk about financial stewardship and money management, and also what it means to be a father and provider of a family (which after all, is what making money is all about.)

Franchise Owner / Pastor

Henri Pera will share how he went from owning restaurants in Brazil to helping spearhead an online school of ministry in Portuguese here in California.

Lego / Toy Store Franchise Owner

Tom Harpham will bring the boys to his newly established Lego resale store and teach them all what it takes to buy, open and operate a franchise. The boys will also build and race Lego. 

Government Official: Mayor of Anderson

Mike Gallagher, the Mayor of Anderson City, will meet the boys at Anderson City Hall and bring them in on his world of government. The boys will get to know the heart of a man who cares for people and lets his faith influence his decisions.



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Questions for next session:

🎭 What are the 6 primal emotions?

💥 Which department in a company handles conflicts in the workplace?

✈️ Do planes fly faster going east or west? Why?

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