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Every boy should get the experience of discovering who they are and what they were made for."

David Geus

About David

Academy Director, Co-Founder

David Geus's DG leadership academy hosts a number of different programs that combine over a decade of his personal experience coaching in all capacities – from youth ministry, to soccer & sports training, serving at-risk youth as a social worker in Germany, and working in the Bethel Healing Rooms.

      "Outdoor adventures have always been an essential part of my life as young as I can remember. Growing up I found joy and freedom being active, doing sports, and enjoying life with my friends.  As a young adult growing up in the Christian faith, I started going on camping trips and enjoying fun outdoor activities with my friends, going on adventures like rock-climbing, fishing, canoeing, backpacking, playing soccer and more. “

      David has a formal education in Pedagogy and Theology, he has attended two bible schools, Lutheran Bible School in Germany and BSSM in Redding, CA, and is a licensed and trained lifeguard. He served as a youth pastor in a church for two years, taught in a pre-K school, and was employed in Germany as a social worker for seven years. “The most impactful work I did in Germany was with Jugendwerk St. Joseph, a social program for foster kids in Germany, where I spent my time helping transform teenage boys, ages 12-16. It was here that I discovered my love for mentoring and leading boys, helping them discover who they are, and guiding them toward living their best life.”

​      ”This incredible program was a government funded organization, and at the end of 7 years serving here, I was hungry for more and curious about what would happen if I created a program that involved the best from my social work background with my faith.”  

      In 2019, David came to Redding to attend Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry. “My passion for seeing people transformed grew exponentially during my time in BSSM as I saw what God could do in a person’s life, especially mine.” After two years of ministry training and serving weekly in the Bethel Healing Rooms, David left school to be married and he and his wife, Delfina, founded DG Adventure Life Academy for boys in 2022 and Passion is Powerful Academy for girls in 2023. 

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David Geus
Co-Founder, DG Adventure Life Academy

The Heart of DG Founders

Hi, we are Delfina & David Geus, co-founders of DG Adventure Life Academy for boys. We have a heart for seeing the world transformed through powerful, Christ-centered discipleship. We are faith people who believe in God's beautiful design for family, the importance of fathers and mothers in the lives of children, and the promise of Malachi 4:6 for fathers and sons.


Meet the Team

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