David Geus's unique outdoor leadership program, Summit Seekers, combines over a decade of experience coaching in all capacities – from youth ministry, to soccer & sports training, serving at-risk youth as a social worker in Germany, and working in the Bethel Healing Rooms.



David Geus,
Adventure Coach

Outdoor adventures have always been an essential part of my life as young as I can remember. Growing up I found joy & freedom being active, doing sports, and enjoying life with my friends.  As a young adult growing up in the Christian faith, I started going on camping trips and enjoying fun outdoor activities with my friends, going on adventures like rock-climbing, backpacking, fishing, playing soccer and more. 

I attended Lutheran Bible School in Germany and received a formal education in Pedagogy and Theology. I served as a youth pastor in a church for two years, taught in a pre-K school, and worked as a social worker for seven years in Karlsruhe, Germany. The most impactful work I did was with Jugendwerk St. Joseph, a social program for foster kids, where I spent my time growing & transforming teenage boys, ages 12-16. It was here that I discovered my love for mentoring & leading boys, helping them discover who they are, and guiding them toward living their best life.

This incredible program was a government funded organization, and at the end of 7 years serving here, I was hungry to see how I could partner my gifts & calling with the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives, something I hadn’t seen yet in my church or workplace. 


In 2019 I traveled to California to attend Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry. My passion for seeing people transformed grew exponentially during my time in BSSM as well as my belief in what God can do in a person’s life, especially mine. In these intense two years of school, I experienced and was transformed by spiritual encounters I had with Jesus. I grew more in these years than ever before. I witnessed the Holy Spirit’s healing power as I served weekly in the Bethel Healing Rooms. I was stretched emotionally, spiritually, and mentally as my identity aligned with God’s word over my life. I watched myself evolve into a stronger, more confident leader. I got what I came for, and more!


After completing two years of BSSM, I met and married the love of my life and we have decided to plant our roots deeply into the Redding community where we can enjoy the outdoors & the beauty that surrounds us, from Mt. Shasta to the Sacramento River, Whiskeytown Lake, Mt. Lassen and more, all within an hour drive from our home. 


In 2022, I founded DG Adventure Life Academy with my wife and stepped into my dream job working with boys to see their lives transformed.

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David Geus
Co-Founder, DG Adventure Life Academy
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Every boy should get the experience of discovering who they are and what they were made for. It's my heart to bring that to every boy I meet."

David Geus


A Vision for Our Family & Yours

Hi, we are Delfina & David Geus, co-founders of DG Adventure Life Academy for boys. We have a heart for seeing the world transformed through proper mentorship & guidance for boys. We are faith people who believe in God's beautiful design for family, the importance of fathers and mothers in the lives of children, and the promise of Malachi 4:6 for fathers and sons.


Our Story

We were both drawn to the city of Redding in 2019 and met playing soccer. David is German and Delfina is Argentine-American by way of Los Angeles. We fell in love during the COVID shutdown in the parking lot worship tents at Bethel Church. We were married in July 2021 in Germany and have returned to Redding to plant our roots deeply in this community. 


We are inspired daily by the beauty around us, by the supernatural covering of peace that surrounds Redding, and by the hope springing forth within the people here to grow & build God's city of promise. We still play soccer twice a week.

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