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Social Emotional Learning with STEAM!

This is our newest program! The boys must use the lessons & tools they learned in our hiking program, Summit Seekers, to conquer challenges as a team, in TEAM EDITION. Sessions are geared toward strengthening teamwork skills, like collaboration, communication, time management, delegation, empathy & encouragement, commitment and more.

Summit Seekers is a pre-requisite for this program

Program Details

Program Overview

SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING | Sessions in this program, as in all our programs, are designed to help boys grow in their practical use & application of social/emotional tools, like powerful communication, boundary setting, expressing needs, encouraging others through empathy, and more.


STEAM LEARNING | This program specifically emphasizes S.T.E.A.M. learning and teamwork. The boys engage in activities & challenges that require them to use science, technology, engineering, art, and math to solve problems. They will grow in skills such as time & money management, decision making as a team, delegation, and basic building skills.

HOLY SPIRIT | All of the work we do with the boys is also done in partnership with the Holy Spirit. Each session theme, challenge, and activity is geared toward making biblical principles and stories come to life in the real-world, showing the boys that they are the light of the world, helping to grow their faith, and teaching them actively to hear the voice of God for day-to-day things.

SESSION STRUCTURE | We will be running all over town in our van to complete the tasks at hand. Some sessions have multiple stops, others have a single location. ** We ask that everyone please be early to sessions, as we also commit to getting your boys back on time. **


A team captain will be assigned at each session and this boy will be in charge of helping the leaders with special tasks, helping the team make decisions, representing the team upon arrival at locations, and making a video recap for the team. 

It's our goal that by the end of the season the boys feel powerful sharing their voice & creativity in a team environment, that they know they can make a difference in the world around them, and learn to enjoy problem solving with others in the face of challenges.

Cost & Schedule

10 SESSIONS, 3HOURS EACH | The cost will stay the same as Summit Seekers: $440 Season Pass, $225 two payments, $155 three payments. 

Times & Dates


• January 24th, 31st

• February 7th, 14th, 28th

• March 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

• April 4th


• January 19th, 26th

• February 2nd, 9th, 16th

• March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

TE Details
TE Sessions

Session Descriptions


Light of the City

In this session, the boys will kick off TEAM EDITION with fun team-building activities, games and physical challenges. They will learn about what it means to be the light of the world & the light of the city. They will prepare prophetic thank-you notes for city leaders and session sponsors, and receive a challenge for the session ahead.

Session Partner

Hope Lives

In this session, the boys learn about the heart of service and helping those in need. They will get first-hand experience ministering to recovering homeless men & women and go an a shopping adventure to prepare their own gift baskets for the mission.

Session Partner

Solve a Real World Problem

Solving problems in our city has never been more fun. The boys will get a special tour of the Redding City hall and get an inside look at how the city solves problems. Then they will visit the Redding Police Station and get a close-up look behind the scenes there. The boys will dress in wear casual business attire and then meet with a city leader to try to solve a real-world problem alongside them. 

Session Partner
city of redding.jpeg

Host a Dinner

In this session, the boys must decide how to use a gift card to Trader Joes as a team, shop on a budget, prepare a meal on their own, and host the parents at pickup, all within three hours! 

Session Partner
trader joes_edited.png

Caldwell Olympics

We're going for the gold at our very own 'Caldwell Park Olympics.' Sports stations will be set up around the park and the boys will compete against each other in every kind of activity, from basketball to soccer to, sumo wrestling, Kubb, and more!

Helicopter Rides

In this session, the boys get a once-in-a-lifetime tour of a helicopter airport & learn about how teams work together to get the chopper in the air. They play games & do activities, and ride in copters!

Session Partner

River Trekking

In this session, the boys gear up in water-treading pants and feet slips and walk upstream to a spot where inner tubes are waiting for them. They learn how they are chosen & set apart to be God's, and this often feels like walking against the stream of the world. At the end they tube all the way back down the river. 

Building a Home

In these sessions, the boys partner with Haven Humane Society & the Home Depot to build hog-houses & cat-condos as a team. They will get expert building mentorship from Team Depot and get a tour of the rescue animals at Haven Humane. This session is made possible thanks to a very generous grant from Home Depot's Team Depot.

Session Partners

Go-Kart Building & Racing

In this session and season finale, each group will build a go-cart from scratch  and race against each other in the ultimate showdown at our season two finale session. 

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Registration is open!

This program is only open to returning participants who have completed Summit Seekers.
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