Our Mission

We're on a mission to equip boys 10-14 with the leadership skills and social emotional tools they need to become strong men. We do this by teaching them powerful, fun life lessons through outdoor adventures led by male mentors.

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Open program guide

Our Method

We believe in the power of storytelling & doing physical activations to engage boys where they learn best - through their bodies & imaginations. Concepts are taught through first-hand stories by the leaders and followed up with a game or activity that physically reinforces the idea.


In this picture, the boys are doing a balance wrestling game where the idea is that fear feels like being pushed off balance. Later in this hike, they will learn how to replace fearful thoughts with good thoughts anytime they begin to feel pushed off balance by fear in their everyday life.



Value Statement

Our goal is for each boy to know that who they are inside is good & valuable. It's important that they feel loved, seen, heard and known, not just for their contribution to the group, but for who they are.


We have the courage and everything we need inside of us to conquer challenges, overcome fears, and bring peace to unresolved issues. We can always find the courage we need to break through barriers and find true freedom.


Building self-esteem helps grow our self-confidence, which is important so that we can be proud of ourselves and go after our dreams. As we get know ourselves, we can learn to love how we're made and believe we can achieve big things in life.


Love is important and everybody needs to feel loved. Love is not just a feeling, it's an action. Love means bringing connection to our family, our city and the nations. As we learn to love ourselves, we can better love the people around us.


We honor and respect each other in all our differences of personalities, giftings, and characteristics. We celebrate the individual to bring out the best in them. We show our appreciation for each other with our words and actions.


Willpower helps us to stay committed to our tasks in life especially as difficulties arise. Expanding our willpower helps us finish things we begin and pushes us forward in life with momentum so we can feel good about ourselves.


When we know that who we are inside is good, we make choices that make us feel good. When we are mindful of our goodness, we take good care of our body, mind, and soul by doing, speaking, and thinking good things.