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At DG Adventure Life Academy, we're dedicated to equipping, empowering & launching boys into their destinies & identities. Our programs are designed as a series where one builds upon the other. From hiking, to helicopter rides, touring & serving local businesses and starting a business of their own, there's never a dull moment with DG.

Summit Seekers

This is our outdoor discipleship program set on the Redding trails. Groups of ten boys (maximum) and two DG leaders spend 3 hours hiking & talking about God in all different topics & themes. This is our foundational course filled with fun games & activities meant to enrich the boys' mental, physical, spiritual & emotional lives. 


Fall Groups [ August - November] 

Spring Groups [ January - March ] 

10 Sessions, 1X weekly  |  Ages 10-14 years old. Yes, 9.5 is okay!

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SS Team Edition

Returning participants are welcomed into SS Team Edition where they put all the tools & knowledge they learned on the trails to the test with team challenges around Shasta County. It's SEL meets STEAM learning with the power of the Holy Spirit. We build go-carts, ride in helicopters, trek down rivers, complete service projects, sit down with city leaders, and more. Sessions are 3 hours and have multiple locations. Van transportation is provided. 

Fall groups [ August - November ]

Spring groups [ January - March ] 

10 Sessions, 1X weekly  | Pre-requisite: Summit Seekers

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Leader Lab & LL Entreprenurs

Coming soon! We're currently building out our last 2 programs of our 4-program vision for DG Adventure Life Academy. The idea behind Leader Lab is to give our boys the chance to view business & industry up-close. Year one will be our 'business 101' type program with on-site tours. Year two will be our hands-on 'launch' program where the boys dream, build, and launch a business idea of their own.

Structure of this program is still being designed. 

Comig Soon!
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