Community Partners

Awarding financial scholarships to local families

Our goal is to give away 100 of the 400 hikes we lead per season. Our community partners make that happen.

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Awarding Scholarships

In Fall of 2022, we decided not to be part of any charter school vendor list in order to maintain the full scope of our vision for our programs. Instead, we went out into the Redding community to raise the money ourselves. Lithia Chevrolet became our first community partner helping us supplement enrollment costs for single-parents & families with financial need. With their help and anonymous parent donations, we gave away $2,070 to six boys this season. 

Program Sponsors

These brands & businesses support our programs by donating in-kind products and offering discounts on their services & supplies.


Partner With US

Community Partners help us raise $4,500 seasonally for our scholarship fund so we can supplement enrollment costs for single-parent homes & families in need.
Program Sponsors are brands or businesses donate in-kind products, gift cards, or discounted services.

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