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Community Partners

Awarding financial supplement to local families

We love to raise money in support of local families. It's our goal to give away 100 session per season and these are the partners that help us do it. 

Commnity Partners
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Awarding Scholarships

It's our goal to award program $ to boys coming from single-parent homes or families with financial need. Our community partners and generous parents help us raise money to give away each season. It's one of the most exciting parts of our business and our favorite thing to do seasonally. Get in touch with us here to partner with us:

Program Sponsors

These brands & businesses support our programs by donating in-kind products and offering discounts on their services & supplies.

Program Sponsors
Partner With Us

Partner With US

Community Partners help us raise $4,500 seasonally for our scholarship fund so we can supplement enrollment costs for single-parent homes & families in need.
Program Sponsors are brands or businesses donate in-kind products, gift cards, or discounted services.
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