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Hike to Heart Lake - "Fun in the snow!"

We had a fun hike in the snow at 80 degrees from the Castle Lake to the Heart Lake.

Hike Theme: Pure of Heart

In this session, the boys learned to see the three dimensions of purity: purity of heart, mind and body. They heard about how to stop the enemy at the gates and stay connected with God and people around them in every dimension.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. " Matthew 5:8

In the snow in June ❄️☀️

As we arrived at the with snow surrounded parking lot at 5300 feet high, everybody was already excited to be in warm weather in the snow.

Crossing a creek

The first challenge to overcome was a small creek with melted water running down the mountains. With some teamwork we arrived to the other side and started our hike. 💪

New experience

Getting used to hiking over the packed snow was an amazing experience itself. Here we are with our self-made walking sticks. It worked out pretty well!


The boys supported each other in all kinds of ways. They waited for the guys behind them, pulling them up the mountain and cheering them on to conquer the climb-out. 🙌 Hiking in the snow in warm weather was such an joyful experience. Halfway through, we earned our lunch break. We laughed at the surprise experience of putting on new sun cream as the cream exploded out of the bottle because of the lower air pressure. 😂

Best view ever!

We made it to the top of the mountain to a still frozen and snow-covered Heart Lake. The view on Mount Lassen was astonishing! 🏔 The hike was totally worth it to come up to an altitude of 6100 feet. 😃

Sliding down the mountain

The best part of this hike was how we closed it out: jumping, falling and sliding all the way down the mountain. We had so much fun in the snow!!

Getting wet feet

After a great hike everybody walked through the refreshing ice cold water 🥶 to the parking lot. Nobody cared about getting wet feet on this last challenge close so to the bus.

Successful Adventure

We had a great, fun successful hike through the snow in warm weather. 👍🎉 On the drive back in the bus we shared our favorite memories from the hike!

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