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“The Salsa was homemade!"

The goal of this session was to shop, prepare, and serve a meal for the parents with love with a budget of only $20!

We met up outside of Trader Joe’s and talked about what it means to serve others with love. "Love is patient, love is kind, love does not keep record of wrongs." 1 Corinthians 13.

The challenge was to get enough food for 8 people using only $20. Excitement and a lot of discussion was in the air as the group hunted down ingredients priced in their budget. After much debate as to the menu items & how the money should be spent, the boys landed on tacos with grilled vegetables, meat, homemade salsa and chocolate cookies for dessert.

After shopping, we headed off to Everett's house where Henry helped coordinate tasks as our team leader. It took a lot of coordination and communication to finish the meal, but the boys pulled it off!

The boys cooked and baked and cleaned and ran around the house preparing the special meal for the parents. SO MANY decisions had to be made and they worked together as a team to get the job done from candles to flowers and cookies. We found a few minutes in between to play a game of birkball.

We rehearsed the special dinner experience for the parents, stationing boys all over the house to make sure everything flowed well. We had greeters, seaters, drink pourers, servers, and kitchen staff. At 3:30PM the parents arrived and we kicked off the dinner with a small presentation and prayer ,and the parents got to enjoy an amazing, loving, and relaxed atmosphere where the boys did all the hard work for them!

The boys really grew in their money & time management skills today. They had to think outside the box to use their resources wisely so that everyone had food to eat, and they had to coordinate all the moving parts of the dinner within our 3 hour session.

We're proud of the boys for serving with love and creating such a welcoming environment for the parents! It was a loving 30-minute dinner party for under $20!

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