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DG Adventure Life Academy offers a variety of Christ-centered, leadership programs. Each program is designed to bring out a different aspect of what it means to be a young man of faith through fun adventures and educational experiences.


New participants wanting to join DG Adventure Life Academy, visit this page


Summit Seekers is out introductory hiking program that teaches our core values to the boys through 10 powerful, outdoor sessions on the Redding trails. They learn how to better relate to themselves, God and those around them. Explore Program

TEAM EDITION puts the boys' new relational tools to the test in fun challenges the boys have to conquer as a team. The boys learn leadership skills and what it really means to be the light of the world. Explore Program


Leader Lab Apprentice is designed to teach the boys the basics of being a faith-filled business leader. We bring in mentors & leaders to teach them real-life management skills they need to be strong men.

Coming Soon

Leader Lab Entrepreneur is our fourth program designed to launch the boys into their own problem-solving creativity as a team. They build a business together from idea to launch using all their giftings, skills, and new knowledege. Coming Soon

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