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Hey guys! 
Thank you for making our first-ever season so much fun. Check out what we've got planned for round 2!

David & Delfina Geus

Season Two

We're putting our social/emotional tools to work

This is a brand new season! Now that the boys have learned so many new social/emotional tools, we're putting their knowledge to the test with Summit Seekers: Team Edition. The boys must use the lessons & tools they learned in season one to conquer the challenges as a team in season two. Our new sessions are geared toward strengthening teamwork skills, like collaboration & communication, time management & delegation, empathy, encouragement, commitment and more.

YES! This is social/emotional learning with STEAM!

Here are our session previews:

Exact locations TBD • Partners/sponsors may change.


River Trekking

Forget walking on a trail. This time, we're walking on water (well, sort of.) Held together by a rope, we'll trek up Clear Creek together, build a bunch of rafts at our destination, and ride them all the way back down to where we started.

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Solving a Real Life Problem

Solving problems in our city has never been more fun. The boys will join city council members at a round table to discussion to brainstorm issues facing our town. They will be asked to wear business casual attire. They will get to ride in police cars.

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Go-Cart Building & Racing

This is our landmark session and season two finale. Each group will build a go-cart from scratch using materials bought at Home Depot. The teams will race against each other in the ultimate showdown at our season two finale session. 


Caldwell Park Olympics

We're going for the gold at our very own 'Caldwell Park Olympics.' Sports stations will be set up around the park and the boys will compete against each other in every kind of activity, from basketball to soccer to skateboarding, Kubb, and more!

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Shopping Cart

Hosting a Dinner

The boys must prepare a meal on their own! They must decide what meal to make, figure out what ingredients are required, go shopping together, and prepare the meal and the dinner-ware, all in 3-hours, for parents to enjoy and feast on at pickup.

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Dog House

Building a Home

Nothing says love to a shelter pet than a brand-new house to live in. The boys partner up with Haven Human Society in Anderson to build them all new hog-houses & cat-condos. They get to deliver the homes & play with animals. 

Haven Humane Society

Additional Sessions

We're creating two more sessions that include a combination of activities like slack-lines, a scavenger hunt, and trading/spending an allowance of money. Sessions 1-8 will be unique (6 are listed above), and the last 2 sessions will be focused on building, testing, and racing the go-kart!

Registration is open!

Session Details

General Overview

We will follow the same format of 10 sessions, 3-hours each, meeting 1X weekly. The cost will stay the same: $440 Season Pass, $225 two payments, $155 three payments. 

Exact Dates/Times


➡️ TUESDAY 1-4PM ** finalized time **

• January 24th, 31st

• February 7th, 14th, 28th

• March 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

• April 4th

➡️ THURSDAY 4PM **finalized time**

• January 19th, 26th

• February 2nd, 9th, 16th

• March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

* We really listened to your feedback! Thank you for helping shape our program ☺️

Who Can Join

These sessions are open to returning Summit Seekers only. We want to build on the skills they learned in season one. We hope to make 2 teams from the 20 hikers we have enrolled right now. 

Locations & Transportation

We are working on getting a van to make our in-session transportation possible! This means drop-offs/pick-ups will be mostly at a recurring central location. Schedule of in-session location changes are TBA.

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