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Light of the World

In this session, the boys learn about what it actually means to be out there in the real world as 'lights' to others and to each other in teamwork.

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session recap

Light of the World

A special thank-you to our session sponsors:

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." - Matthew 5:16

In this session, we talked about what it means to carry Jesus inside of us everywhere we go, that people know we are different because we carry the holy spirit inside of us, and this shows in our good works & through the fruit fo the spirit of 'how' we do things. 

They played 3 games: They wrapped each other in toilet paper to look like 'lighthouses', we played a team challenge game with a stick, and a communication challenge activity of building identical towers. Of course at the end we had a toilet paper war 😅

Then the boys walked over to Taste & See on Hilltop, getting to know one thing about their session partner on the way. The team leader shook hands with the ice-cream server and thanked them for the free ice-cream. We enjoyed the treat & presented our partners to the team. 

We used SQ to write prophetic thank-you cards to all of our community partners and sponsors who made Team Edition possible. The boys talk about how when we meet those people, we will be a light to them, giving them a word from God and love in our gratitude.

We had special guests stop by and prophesy over the boys & encourage them to talk with God and to the Holy Spirit. 

At the end, we do a symbolic act of wrapping our arms in a unique pattern around in a circle and go from being 'outside' the circle to being 'inside' the circle - which is what being a team is all about! 

We saw the boys become a team over the 3 hours they spent together and leave with a better, real-world, understanding of what it means to communicate and collaborate as a team to accomplish tasks.